Hot Water Systems

Done Right Plumbing Melbourne specialises in electric and gas hot water service. There are not many things more inconvenient to Melbourne residents than going to take a shower or use the hot water and discovering that your hot water service is not working properly. This can be a stressful situation that Done Right Plumbing makes simple and calming.

We have the tools, the knowledge, and we have the experience. Electric and gas hot water services each have advantages and at Done Right Plumbing we work with our clients to help find the best solution for them now and into the future.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The major advantage of having an electric hot water system storage system can be easily installed in small areas. Electric hot water systems can also be utilised on a property that has several stories or separate systems. We can install a small electric system under benches or in closest where space is limited.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems have several advantages that have made them very popular in the recent years. One of which is that they require low maintenance and they do not break down often. With a gas hot water systems by Done Right Plumbing, heating or supply of hot water will not be interrupted suddenly. Gas hot water systems provide hot water over the long-term.

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What to do when you realise you have a hot water system problem!

The first thing you must do when you are dealing with a hot water heater issue (gas or electric) that isn’t is to shut down the water supply to the heater system itself. The pipe into and out of the hot water heater needs to be turned off to stop the supply of water entering exiting the service from possibly making the situation worse.

Once the issue is identified and controlled it is important to contact Done Right Plumbing no matter what time it is!

Any emergency hot water heater repair can be stressful. At Done Right Plumbing we encourage our clients to not try to fix anything without speaking to one of our hot water specialists first.  If you start tinkering around with your hot water service without speaking to one of our highly trained and knowledgeable specialists, you may make the situation worse.

Should you service or replace your hot water system? 

At Done Right Plumbing, we understand better than most, hot water systems need to be replaced on a semi-frequent basis. If the system has not been serviced regularly by a hot water service specialist, issues with the system can and will likely arise. If left without a proper service for too long when a problem does arise, its likely to be repaired and a full replacement might be necessary.

As a rule, hot water replacement should be taken care of every 8 to 12 years. If your hot water heater is significantly older than that we often suggest a replace to update your system. The advancement of hot water systems every year does make older system obsolete.  By updating to a new hot water service, you can leverage everything that new energy-efficient and on demand hot water systems have to offer.

We encourage everyone to speak to a hot water specialist at Done Right Plumbing regularly to have their system serviced and prevent an issue before it may arise. If you do need a new system, we will make sure to install the most suitable – taking into consideration the energy efficiency and hot-water capacity benefits of your options.


Has your family grown? Are more people using the hot water? Do you have the right hot water system for the amount of hot water you require? 

Another reason a lot of people replace their hot water system with Done Right Plumbing has nothing to do with the system is working reliably. Instead, the system is not capable of producing the capacity of hot water a family or property needs on a daily basis.

There is nothing worse than getting the last shower of the morning and running out of hot water halfway through! No one wants an ice-cold shower. No one wants to run out of hot water when doing the dishes or filling the bath for the kids. Even if your hot water heater is working the way it should, it may not have the capacity of hot water you need throughout the day.

Could you save money replacing an old hot water system? 

The technology advancement in hot water service has come a long way in a short time. Speaking to a hot water specialist at Done Right Plumbing gives you an opportunity to leverage new solutions. New energy-efficient hot water systems will help you save a lot of money and headaches now and into the future.